Water Shortage Plan

The Warren Water District (WWD or District) has purchased all water for distribution and sale to the members and customers of the District from Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) since the District began serving its members in the late 1980’s.  With the prolonged drought/dry conditions impacting central Iowa and the DMWW source water supplies, the DMWW developed a Water Shortage Plan in the Spring 2013 to “…manage system demand so customers do not experience pressure, quality, or availability issues during periods of extreme water demand or during other times when water availability may be limited due to raw water shortage, water quality events, or mechanical failures.”

The WWD and other bulk purchasers of water were asked by DMWW to develop and submit similar water shortage plans since the Wholesale Water Service Master Agreement governing water purchases states the “…DMWW shall apportion such available water ratably among all consumers, including Participants [bulk purchasers] and DMWW’s own direct customers, based upon relative consumption during the twelfth calendar month preceding such shortage.”  This means that when DMWW requests/seeks a certain percentage water reduction from its own direct customers, than a similar reduction is requested from its bulk purchasers.

See the District’s full Water Shortage Plan.

Water Conservation Tips and Insights





Post Mounted Reading Devices

The District used a manual meter reading system for the first 17 years of existence, which was the manner all rural water systems obtained meter reading because technology of those times didn’t allow for automated readings.  Those manual readout devices were mounted on posts at the meter pit.  When we chose the automated radio frequency meter reading equipment 8 years ago, the manufacturer advised the transmitter box could be mounted inside the meter pit.   We followed this advice and learned after most were installed that the transmitted signal strength was muted resulting in less efficient read periods.   We therefore made the decision to mount these transmitter boxes on a post.  We have received a number of phone calls asking to have the post removed and reinstall the transmitter back inside the pit.   We are unable to accommodate these requests.  We appreciate your cooperation with our having to go back to a post mounted reading device.