Water Rate Increase


Effective April 1, 2021, the water rates will increase.

The District will be increasing the per 1,000 gallon rate after our standard minimum. Please see our “Rates” section for updated rate charts.

This cost increase is needed to off-set the 15% increase the District will spend in purchasing water wholesale from Des Moines Water Works.

The new rate will be payable beginning with your May 2021 water bill (April water).  If you have any questions please contact our office at 515-962-1200, toll free 1-866-962-1200, or email us at wwd@warrenwaterdistrict.com.

Bevington and Per Sewer Customers

Effective your February 1st 2021 billing, the rates for the sewer will increase.  Please see the “rate” section on this site for the new rates.

The sewer systems are in great working order and no major expenses are foreseen.  Warren Water is continually striving to keep costs down with routine maintenance.  The best way you can help to keep costs low is to only discharge acceptable materials in the sewer system.

Warren Water District

2021 Board Meeting Schedule

Warren Water District

Board Meeting Schedule 2021

Regular Board Meeting date is the 3rd Monday of every month

(no meeting in August and December)



Monday, January 18   6:00pm

Monday, February 8  6:00pm

Monday, March 15  6:00pm

Monday, April 19   7:00pm

Monday, May 17  7:00pm Annual Meeting

Monday, June 21   7:00pm

Monday, July 19   7:00pm

No meeting in August

Monday, September 20   7:00pm

Monday, October 18   7:00pm

Monday, November 15   6:00pm

No meeting in December – Holiday party is scheduled sometime this month


Spring and Winter meetings are normally scheduled at 6:00pm

“Limited Contact”

In response to COVID-19 the Warren Water District Board of Directors has decided to temporarily close the office to walk-in customers effective Tuesday, March 17th until further notice.

We strongly encourage our customers to use our website or automated phone service (1-888-329-8389) to make their monthly payment.

Attached is the Des Moines Water Works Contagious Disease Response Plan that the District is also following.

During business hours office staff can be reached by calling 515-962-1200 or toll free 1-866-962-1200 or by emailing wwd@warrenwaterdistrict.com.


2020 Consumer Confidence Report

Des Moines Water Works’ annual Consumer Confidence Report is now available: 2020 CCR

This annual water quality report summarizes the results of our water monitoring program as required by the EPA during 2019.  If you are unable to view the report or would like a copy mailed to you, please contact us at 515-962-1200 or wwd@warrenwaterdistrict.com.