New Customers

Individual water service is limited to District members who are defined in the by-laws as any person who owns real property within the boundaries of the District and pay the applicable fees.

Renters must call the District office to make billing arrangements.

Transfer of Membership

Notice must be given by a Water User to the District in the event of a change of ownership of the Member’s premises.  Until proper notice is given, the Water User will be responsible for all water used.  Change of ownership must be accomplished by the new owner complying with all requirements to become a Member, including, but not limited to, executing and delivering a Water Users Agreement to the District. The new owner must notify the District of his/her possession date by calling the office and return completed Water Users Agreement to the District.

New Service

Contact District office for water availability/pricing.  The property owner must sign a Water Users Agreement and an Easement prior to establishing water service.  Payment of the applicable connection fee must also be made when the water Users Agreement and Easement are signed.  Final sign up must be completed in the District office.  (Easement is for example only, it must be filled out by District staff only.)

$3500 Line Side Connection Fee (standard meter size)
$4500 Far Side Connection Fee (standard meter size)

Line Extensions

Sold at true cost with a 5 year payback (doesn’t include a meter pit).
All yards will be bored.


A District Line Extension, if required, shall be paid fully by the Developer/Property Owner, according to the terms of the Developer agreement.

The Developer is responsible for installation cost of all interior mains and pits in the development.   Cost of interior mains plus $4500 per lot for each meter pit (with no minimums due until a Water Users Agreement is signed).  The developer is responsible for the placement of the pits on each lot.  Exclusions apply to lots that have existing water line frontage.

A $600.00 connection fee will be charged for each lot within the development at the time service is requested and the District’s Water Users Agreement is signed.


 Please call District office for pricing.